Anu Peshawaria

U.S.A Immigration Attorney
Author ⠀ | ⠀ Activist⠀ | ⠀ Philanthropist

U.S.A Immigration Attorney
Author ⠀ | ⠀ Activist⠀ | ⠀ Philanthropist

Anu Peshawaria

Anu Peshawaria

With a decorated career spanning immigrant rights, domestic violence, women's rights, and children's rights, including practicing law before the Supreme Court of the United States, Supreme Court of Washington, and the Supreme Court of India - Anu Peshawaria continues to push the envelope in the fight for global human rights.


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Testimonials & Achievements

Bharat Nirman Award

Awarded in 1990 by the President of India.

Take Action Against Domestic Violence Award

Awarded in 2014 for her remarkable efforts to end domestic violence by the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence in King County of the Washington State.

Suzanne Shenfil - Director, City of Fremont

We were delighted when Anu Peshawaria and her organization, SevA, offered to do a workshop on Gaining Citizenship. This is an important topic for many of the families we serve at the Fremont Family Resource Center and we hope that Anu's expertise will prove to be invaluable to those who attend.

Take Action Against Domestic Violence Award

Awarded in 2012 for upholding immigration rights by Anna M. Caballero, California's Secretary of State and Consumer Affairs, said the state was "honoured" to have her live and work in the US state of California.

Hind Rattan Award

Awarded in 2009 in recognition of her generous contribution to the community, and for her outstanding achievements in the legal profession as a leading attorney.

Pravasi Divas Award

Awarded in 2008 presented by Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal In Chandigarh.

Outstanding Community Leadership Award

Awarded in 2005 by the City of Fremont, California for outstanding work to launch legal aid programs that assist new immigrants to successfully adapt to U.S. customs and laws and enjoy a higher quality of life in their new country.

Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Awarded in 2000 by the Immigraton and Naturalization Service of the U.S. for exemplary athletic, human rights, and legal/social achievements.

Political Watch Award

Awarded in 1997 and 1998 for masterful work in defending the tortured female protesters in Uttrakhand against Mulayam Singh Yadav & for being fearless in fighting for justice of women in the case against Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Outstanding Women's Award

Awarded in 2007 by the England Non-Resident Indians in London.

Melvin Jones Trophy

Awarded in 1992 by the Lions Club International for exemplary work in law.

Vayalar Ravi, Former Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs

I am glad that Anu Peshawaria, an eminent lawyer and a dedicated social worker who in her individual capacity as a lawyer and as the founder of an NGO, has helped many battered women regain their legal rights and status.

Bharat Nirman Award

Awarded in 1990 by the President of India.

Kanishka Award

Awarded in 1990 by the President of India.

B.S. Prakash, Former Consul General San Francisco

I am happy to learn that Anu is offering legal counseling to the Indian-American Community in the Bay Area. The activity with the objective of building greater awareness in the community is worthwhile to make them better citizens. I wish the event all success.

Rotary Club International

Awarded in 1990 for her selfless work as a lawyer and for excellence in sports.

Certificate of Merit

Awarded in 1989 by the President of India.

Dr. Ramesh Japra M.D., - Federation of Indo American of Northern California, President

We are glad that SevA Legal Aid Project started by Anu Peshawaria is helping the immigrant community learn about becoming U.S. Citizens. Their efforts in educating the community are noteworthy.

Outstanding Student

Awarded in 1989 by the President of India.

Outstanding Contribution

Awarded in 1981 by the Honorable Home Minister.

H.R. Bhardwaj - Former Law Minister, Government of India

She has dynamically planned action initiatives, launched a variety of non-profit organizations, and extended her services, time and energy to help destitute and oppressed people realize their human and legal rights in the USA, India, and other countries. Such kind of activities with the objective of building greater awareness in the community is worthwhile to make new policy on NRI's and to protect victims of NRI marriages and financial frauds. It is a matter of great satisfaction that they will be conducting many more workshops on other issues of public importance. I wish her grand success in all their endeavors.

Outstanding Sportswoman

Awarded in 1979 & 1981 by the Delhi Sportsmen Association and the Lt. Governor, Delhi, India.

National Scholarships Recipient

Awarded from 1974 onwards by the Government of India.

Sushmita Thomas - Former Ambassador Government of india

Currently working as Ambassador for India I had worked with Anu Peshawaria when she was the lawyer for the Indian Consulate. Among many other immigration cases, in a case where 19 Indian students were radio tagged and accused of Immigration fraud in the Tri valley University in California Anu Peshawaria worked with the Consulate and the students to bring about quick resolution to the legal issues and bringing closure to the complex case. She showed full grasp of all issues and laws. Her focussed approach and well argued representation helped the Consulate to close the cases early.

About Anu Peshawaria

Anu Peshawaria is a unique Indian American lawyer who has expertise in both Indian laws as well as US laws and US Immigration. She is an Internationally awarded Indian American Attorney, social activist, and Author that is deeply devoted to advocacy and protection of legal rights on a global scale.

A recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her exemplary legal and athletic abilities as well as for her endless commitment to the human and legal rights of immigrants.

As an Author

Anu Peshawaria

Peshawaria is the author of three books, Immigrants Dream (2009), Lives on the Brink (2012), and Never Again (2019). She is also a columnist for the Indian Express, and has written articles on topics like crime, domestic abuse, and immigration.

Her work has drawn the attention of lawmakers worldwide in addressing the root cause of human rights' issues.

In a message, the Indian Consul General in San Francisco Sanjay Panda said, Peshawaria has been able to bring to the fore issues recognized as significant social malaise by governmental and non-governmental agencies both in India and in the United States.

Lives on the Brink
The Immigrants Dream
Never Again

As an Athlete

Apart from her avid social activism, she is also a world-class tennis player having represented India at Wimbledon.

Anu not only represented India in 1979 at Wimbledon, but she also won the Liverpool championships beating the No 1 Scotland, she was quarterfinalist in Beckham, England, and won the Gold medal in World University games. She won the Bronze medal at 1982 Asian games and won the Quebec state championships in Canada as well the St. Jerome championships in Montreal in 1979.

Anu Peshawaria Wimbledon

A family Influence

Peshawaria's sister, Kiran Bedi was the first woman in India to join the officer ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS). Like Anu, Kiran is a social activist and former tennis player, “She is 12 years older than me and has nurtured me since childhood. As an elder sister and a mother figure in my life, her contribution is very big."

Together they have collaborated to tackle issues on a national level in India.

Anu Peshawaria